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Black Women Empowered Launch New Business Network With Mathew Knowles, Jacqueline King

The Black Women Empowered Business Network

The Network is a membership-based platform that provides a space for learning, networking, daily inspiration and tailors towards personal and professional growth.

It also offers insights in wealth creation, entrepreneurship, marketing and business development, real estate, and mindset.

Dr Jacquline King said, “I wanted to create a positive and empowering space on the internet for my Black and Brown sisters.”

With King, the Black Women Empowered Business Network is also headed by Mathew Knowles of Music World Entertainment who is known for managing Destiny’s Child as well as the solo careers of his daughters ​​Beyoncé and Solange.

Also heading the network is Cathleen Trigg-Jones, an Emmy-award winning journalist and actress and Rishi Sood, a marketing consultant whose work has been featured by major media outlets. 

King told Ebony Entertainment in March when she first collaborated with Knowles, “Dr Knowles and I later connected on LinkedIn when I approached him about interviewing him for my platform.

“I told him I wanted to take BWE to another level and offer services and products to help Black and Brown women get to the next level. We talked about it and created a partnership with him, Rishi Sood and me.”

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