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Dr. Mathew Knowles Entrepreneur Business Mogul

Mathew Knowles knows how to build leaders as evidenced by the successes of his daughters Beyonce and Solange. Now, he’s aiming to create pathways for the next class of changemakers in entertainment and media with two new ventures.

Knowles recently announced that he has partnered with Dr. Jacqueline King, Rishi Sood, and Cathleen Trigg-Jones to launch Black Women Empowered Business Network, a membership platform aimed at connecting entrepreneurs with resources and esteemed experts to scale up.

Originally spearheaded by Dr. King in 2012, Black Women Empowered (BWE) was birthed from a Facebook group that aimed to offer African-American women a space to share connect and grow together. It has since grown to more than 3 million followers.  - Essence Magazine #blackwomenempowered #repost #fyp

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