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Remembering 9/11 (2023)

Everyone can recall where they were on this dreadful day. Whether you watched on tv, listened on the radio or were in New York or surrounding areas, it was a nightmare.

I happen to be in Newark New Jersey at the PSE&G headquarters on Raymond Boulevard. I remember someone coming to my desk saying that they actually saw a plane hit one of the twin towers from the location that they were at and I really couldn't grasp exactly what they were saying. And I went over to a window and began to look out, and I saw the the towers burning. I felt shock and anxiety, but it wasn't until I actually saw the towers collapse before my very eyes that I felt sick to my stomach. It was sheer chaos from there everyone trying to get as far away from New York as possible. The New Jersey Turnpike was always busy but on this day what normally would take an hour to 45 minutes to get to my home took over 2 1/2 hours because of all the people trying to get away from the city. It was a bad day.

I later went on to find out that someone very close to me had perished in the building. His name was Stephen P Morello my former boss. Steven was a kind and gentle person. He loved his family and he loved his wife. I felt even more devastated hearing that he was in the building. I had not had an opportunity to meet his wife in person but we talked on the phone on many occasions, and the first time I got to meet her was at his memorial service.

It doesn't matter whether you believe it was a conspiracy and some do or just a horrific incident 4000 plus lives were lost of all nationalities. people lost loved ones, coworkers, friends, family, and so much more.

Today we are praying for all of the family members left behind because I know that this day brings back all those memories of the firefighters EMT workers, people was it who were just walking on the streets and everyone that lost a life. I asked that today you realize that even in the midst of everything that's going on in the world realize that it could be a lot worse. 4000 plus lives that were gone too soon. Pray pray for all who are grieving on this day 911 2023

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