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Why should I join Black Women Empowered Business/Social Network?

It's no secret that Black Women have been perceived to be inferior to our White Women counterparts. We must work 2, 3 or more times harder to prove we are just as good or better. We are criticized for speaking up, wearing our natural hair or just being different.

It's way past time to have our own place where we can unapologetically, be ourselves.

Black Women Empowered has a following on Social Media of over three million followers which 98 percent are black women. This proves that Black Women are longing to have our own space.

So you say why join a paid membership? Well, nothing worth having is free. In addition, just for a little over $8.00 a month you will have access to connect with Black and Brown Queens from all over the world, not to mention the opportunity to connect with amazing people like Dr. Jacqueline King, the Founder of BWE, Emmy Award winning journalist Cathleen Trigg-Jones also the Founder of iWomanTV, and Dr. Mathew Knowles, Business Mogul, and Father of Beyoncé and Salonge Knowles. We have many other experts that address issues such as accounting, wealth management, health and fitness, inspiration and so much more.

By joining now, you will be getting our lowest price ever and I can assure it will not be this price forever. BWE is not just for the Business Woman but for every woman. Don't delay, join today. By the way part of the proceeds from the network will go to Black Women Empowered Safe Haven supporting, homeless and struggling women, visit our site at You can join the network at

Dr. Jacqueline King

CEO/Founder Black Women Empowered

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