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You will be ok as long as you don’t give up!

Life will always have its challenges. When you accept this and face each one head on, you are in a much better place to succeed and reach your desired destination.

Many people let one bad event derail the entire plan or vision. If you can move past the event, reach deep down within and grab hold of the strength and courage you have, you will be able to move forward. Get your Faith back,

Dr. Jacqueline King Phd.

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So right. Be stoïc about difficult stuff. Practise. After a while nothing can touch you anymore. Cannot TOUCH you that it brings you out of control. You”ll still feel emotions and maybe more and more truthful. But you stay in control. Nothing can touch you down. Sit through agony for een hour een keep breathing. There are so many guided meditations on YT. Don’t do these things a week. But a couple a weeks….do you know that while you sleep 95% (your smartest brain) still listena and learns everyrhing it hears remembers is acts upon these input. So it will make you feel totally different and all the work is done while you are (better sleeping).


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